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Aluminum jacket Boron carbide sandblast nozzle

Aluminum jacket Boron carbide sandblast nozzle

Aluminum jacket Boron carbide sandblast nozzle

Aluminum jacket Boron carbide sandblast nozzle


The inner core use imported high purity boron carbide raw materials, produce with high-tech equipment and fine process.Nozzle have long service life, high hardness, high strength, 
high chemical stability, light weight, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and other characteristics
which is 3-4 times service life than tungsten carbide nozzle.


Technical data



Bending strength:40kg/cm3

Compression strength:240kg/cm3

Appearance: carbon steel shell after sand blasting and plating, aluminum shell after sand blasting.



model bore diamater length(mm) material of inner core Thread
S001 6mm 150 boron carbide 50mm
S002 8mm 150 boron carbide 50mm
S003 10mm 150 boron carbide 50mm
S004 12mm 150 boron carbide 50mm

Remark:1.The size can be  customized according to customer's require

            2.The shell can be made of aluminum or steel
            3.Fine thread or coarse thread for choose


Production process

1.Boron carbide and other raw materials grind in ball crusher(72 hours) 

2.die-filling press molding(2500°C)

4.natural cooling

5.Mould unloading

6.end preparation

7.Shell processing and surface treatment


9.Inspection and storage


The different between single venturi and double venturi nozzle

Single venturi nozzle is the long range type, one air inlet. 

Double venturi belongs to high speed type, with eight holes around the shell, due to the high speed air flow, 
the speed of air ejecting faster than compressed air, speed of blasting is higher. 




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